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Tuition Express Payments

Tuition Express Payment Information

Login to Tuition Express website to view account history, receive email notifications, or make a payment.


Parents can now pay online




Clink on link or ask your BASES Staff for info!

Tuition Express Payments

What is Tuition Express?

Tuition Express, an automated payment service, is an integrated part of our ProCare database system. Tuition payments are made easy and secure through the Tuition Express payment plan. 


With Tuition Express you are insured peace of mind that your payment will be made securely and on time each month.

Tuition Express Forms

Tuition Express is processed on the 5th business day of the month. Tuition Express will be processed on these following dates for the 2017/2018 school year:

8/21/18     9/10/18     10/5/18     11/7/18     12/7/18     1/14/19     2/7/19     3/7/19     4/12/19     5/7/19     6/7/19     

It is parents responsibility to notify the Staff of any account changes prior to the processing date! 


Tuition Express Applications:

* Checking/Savings Application

* Debit/Credit Card Application


Tuitions Express Withdrawal